I originate from the stunning country of Bangladesh (Dhaka to be specific) in South Asia, where I spent my formative years. In 2015, I made a permanent move to the United States. While I hold strong family values, I am also passionate about exploring new destinations and traveling to various locations.

There are likely two things you've encountered about me if you're already familiar with who I am. One of these is my strong interest in Photography. I'm incredibly enthusiastic about it. I can still recall commencing my photography journey using a basic Samsung digital camera with point-and-shoot capabilities.

Apart from my passion for photography, I excel in comprehensive research. My inclination towards paying meticulous attention to detail dates back to my childhood, making this skill a natural part of me. Recognizing its value, I harnessed this skill to advance my career during my time in Bangladesh. Mostly in the field of Open Source technologies.

After my transition to the United States, I began my quest for employment within my field. I should mention that I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Being a newcomer in the USA, securing a job isn't a straightforward endeavor due to intense competition. I initiated my journey as an intern within a company, demonstrating my capabilities, which eventually led to a promotion to a full-time position in the company's IT department as a Web Developer.

I dedicated significant effort, consistently engaging in research and constructing diverse e-commerce websites along with ERP integrations. As I accumulated ample experience to oversee a team, I earned a promotion to the role of Lead Web Developer. I remain committed to ongoing learning and skill enhancement. Research is a perpetual journey, with no defined endpoint.

At some point in my life in the United States, I have created a YouTube channel called "Bangla Vibes". The purpose was to share authentic information related to US Tourism and Immigration. People loved it. I'm super happy to provide all those information to someone who really needs it. I'm still continuing, because I love to help. However, time is money in the United States, do not forget.

In my perspective, life becomes uncomplicated when you have clear goals. If you're unsure, keep exploring and researching. Eventually, you'll find your way and continue to experience personal growth.

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I've been conducting thorough research on topics related to USA Tourism & Immigration since 2014. Using the insights from my research, I've created valuable content that can be accessed on my YouTube channel named "Bangla Vibes." If you're interested, I'm open to offering private sessions. Feel free to reach out – let's initiate a conversation!

Please take note that I won't be filling out or submitting any forms on your behalf. My primary aim is to offer guidance that will be valuable for your long-term benefit.

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Being an enthusiastic photographer and videographer, I've dedicated over a decade to honing my skills. If you're seeking a professional in the Palm Beach County area of Florida, I'd be a great option to consider. Feel free to reach out if you're interested.


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